Andreas Gabalier: Open confession of love! That’s why he’s single

Pop star Andreas Gabalier has thousands of women’s hearts at your feet. Many of his fans would like to date the Austrian – and maybe even have a chance, because he has been single since he separated from girlfriend Silvia around two years ago!

But why is it that a man like Andreas Gabalier , who could certainly have many wives, remains alone for so long? The „Hulapalu” singer now revealed the real reason in an interview with „Bild”.

Andreas Gabalier: That’s why he’s still single

“I just enjoyed my single life too much. I can meet a lot of women without having to enter into a relationship right away, ”says Andreas Gabalier. But he also admits: „I still find it a little difficult to open my heart to someone.”


Andreas Gabalier:

  • Andreas Gabalier was born in Friesach, Austria in 1984
  • He is a popular singer
  • His greatest success is the song „Hulapalu”
  • Gabalier has released a total of six albums. His last album is called „Forget Mine Not”
  • In 2019, Andreas Gabalier and his long-time girlfriend Silvia Schneider separated
  • Andreas Gabalier was in a relationship with the journalist for six years
  • In 2020 a huge fan festival should take place in Munich
  • It has been postponed to 2021
  • Most recently, he was also on stage with Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen


+++ Andreas Gabalier: Bitter news for fans! „It’s just so sad” +++

For six years, from 2013 to 2019, the singer was with his ex.

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Despite the separation, he has nice words for her. „So far I have not found a woman who can come close to her.” But Andreas Gabalier is certain that the right one will come at some point.


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When choosing a partner, he looks less at the appearance than at the character. And the charisma must also be right, reveals the popular rock’n’rollers. „I would like to have in-depth conversations with a woman, but also to be able to enjoy life,” said Andreas Gabalier about „Bild”. (cs)

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