Mulheim: RTL documentary reveals secret about Tengelmann boss

Mulheim. This missing person caused a sensation: When Karl-Erivan Haub disappeared, it caused some chaos in the supermarket industry. Until his disappearance, the entrepreneur was the managing director of Tengelmann in Mulheim .

This case is not only keeping Mulheim in suspense: On April 7, 2018, Karl-Erivan Haub, billionaire and boss of Tengelmann, disappeared without a trace. He has now been pronounced dead. But there are doubts.

Mulheim: Karl-Erivan Haub has disappeared without a trace

Did he actually die in the Swiss mountains or did he just want to break away? An RTL documentary dealt extensively with his disappearance. And in the process, some savory secrets came to light.


This is the city of Mulheim an der Ruhr:

  • was first mentioned in a document in 1093, and in 1808 town charter was granted
  • lies between Duisburg, Essen and Dusseldorf
  • has 170,632 inhabitants (as of December 2019), consists of nine districts in three districts
  • Mayor is Marc Buchholz (CDU)


About three years ago, Karl-Erivan Haub disappeared while training for a traditional ski mountaineering race. He was actually considered an experienced ski mountaineer and had participated in the race for years.

But he never returned from his trip to Zermatt. Even the intensive search that was initiated did not reveal anything about his disappearance.

Mulheim: RTL documentary reveals piquant details about the disappearance of Karl-Erivan Haub

Since then, the wildest theories have been circulating around the Karl-Erivan Haub missing person case. Has he gone into hiding? Was there a Russian mistress and connections to the Russian secret service? Was it about family heritage? Or was it just a tragic skiing accident?

All questions that a team of reporters from RTL dealt with and that have been intensively researched. And some details actually came to light that make you prick up your ears.

Mulheim: Karl-Erivan Haub was actually always surrounded by bodyguards

For example, the reporters found out that Karl-Erivan Haub was completely alone on the day he disappeared! He was otherwise an absolute security fanatic who was always accompanied by bodyguards.

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In addition, according to research by the RTL team, he should have taken the ski lift to the slopes without tracking, without a mobile phone. On the morning of his disappearance, he wrote to a friend via Whatsapp that he wanted to meet her at a ski hut in the afternoon. She answered him, but the message never got through. Because his cell phone was off. And that although it should still have 84 percent battery.


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Mulheim: Traces lead to Russia

In addition, according to RTL research, shortly before his disappearance, he should have changed his phone behavior noticeably. While Karl-Erivan Haub was usually more of a man of short words, he made two long phone calls the evening before his disappearance. According to secret files, it is said to have been a Russian number that was assigned to the Russian Veronika E. To this day it is unclear whether it was his mistress or what relationship they had with one another.

The RTL reporter’s research was also unable to provide a final explanation. The case is and remains very mysterious .. .

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